The website of the Australian Psychological Society has plenty of information for consumers of psychology services, including find the right psychologist for you.
Beyond Blue has heaps of useful information on anxiety and depression.
The Black Dog Institute has really useful symptom checklists as well as handouts with ideas for managing depression and bipolar disorder.
You may need this link if you come to see me. It will connect you to a most excellent and comprehensive mood assessment that we can go through the results of together in-session.
This is a website with excellent information about how to improve your relationships and your mood by setting better boundaries with other people.
The local Buddhist community centres on Chenrezig Institute at Eudlo on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. They run excellent courses on meditation, Buddhist philosophy, and managing difficult emotions to name but a few. You do not have to be (nor become!) a Buddhist to attend.

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Brilliantly direct and straight forward advice for dealing with toxic people, including difficult families of origin.

Shining Year 2015 Workbook

A fab planning tool if you would actually like to have a great year and tick off some goals (of any kind).  Leonie Dawson has taken some sound strategies and hippy-trippied them up to take the edge off goal setting.  I use her workbook every year.

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