About Alanda…

2Z9A0294-2Alanda has been a practicing psychologist for over 20 years.
To date, her work has included private practice, teaching at the Masters level at the University of Queensland and the University of the Sunshine Coast, and working in a variety of hospital and other organisational settings.

Alanda has a special interest in the management of burnout in health professionals, as well as those with other day jobs.  She has led many successful retreats and workshops in this area, enhancing the capacity of professionals to apply self-care skills drawn from mindfulness and related disciplines.  This has naturally evolved into assisting people from all backgrounds to enhance their self-care so that they might in turn be of more benefit to the people whose lives they touch, as well as having longer and more satisfying professional and personal lives.

Alanda was the Senior Psychologist in the Noosa Hospital Pain Management Program for seven years, and continued to provide weekly psychological input for their Cardiac Rehabilitation Program for many years.  She previously worked in the Prince Charles and Ipswich Hospitals across a range of wards.

Alanda has a special interest in the relationship between physical health and psychology, and has a history of working with people with cancer, HIV, chronic pain, heart problems, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis, Crohn’s disease and other health issues. She also enjoys helping people approach life from the perspective of health maintenance and wellbeing, and is great with motivational approaches to life.

Alanda runs many workshops each year for a variety of professional, corporate and lay audiences covering her areas of expertise.  She is a sought-after speaker who is frequently invited back for further presentations tot he same audiences.

Alanda has extensive experience in helping people to deal with grief, posttraumatic stress, anxiety, stress, and depression. She has a special interest in interpersonal problems, in particular, Narcissistic Abuse, family dysfunction and other forms of bullying.

Alanda incorporates the following approaches into her work: cognitive-behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, Buddhist-based techniques, solution-focused therapy, and schema therapy.

Alanda graduated 1994 with an Honours degree and several awards for her academic achievements.  She completed her Masters coursework in 1998, and attained her clinical PhD in 2005 at the University of Queensland.  Alanda has presented at conferences both internationally and within Australia, and has multiple publications in academic journals.

Alanda takes a structured approach to her work and incorporates a casual yet direct approach. She has been a regular presenter on psychological issues on Noosa Community Radio, and has spent many hours enthusiastically training other psychologists and assorted health professionals.

Alanda was the supervision counselor for the North Coast region peer support network for the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service from 2010 to 2012, and continues to provide therapy for our valued Emergency Services staff and management.

Alanda had an opportunity to trial her rehabilitation and pain management skills directly after a serious car accident in 2008. She also wrote about her recovery experiences in Mandala Magazine, the international Buddhist journal.

Alanda loves living in Noosa and aims to spend as much time as possible reveling in the natural environment with her loved ones.

The first session

Your first session will take a little over 60 minutes. That might sound like a long time, but I am constantly told that it passes very quickly indeed. Expect to feel a bit drained after this session. It’s a good idea if you can plan to do something nice for yourself for an hour or two after the session to clear your mind. The first session will be less about problem-solving and more about getting a really good idea about you and your history, why you are here, and what your goals are. At the end of that time I should be able to provide you with an idea of how I can help, and we can agree upon a plan together.

Subsequent sessions

Subsequent sessions run for 50 minutes.  Most people come to therapy roughly once a week for at least the first few sessions and after that might attend fortnightly or so, depending on the issue and how we are progressing.  The amount of sessions a person needs varies greatly, depending on how they wish to use therapy and on the kind of changes being made.  However, the majority of people are seeing some good improvements after the first few sessions.


The charge per session is $180. If you have a Mental Health Plan from your GP you will be reimbursed $124.50 by Medicare (this is a higher than standard rebate due to my clinical psychology qualifications). I have eftpos and mediclear facilities. Therefore if you bring your Medicare card and an eftpos card I can have your Medicare refund placed directly into your account. You can pay by cash, credit or cheque but you will still need an eftpos card to receive your rebate. If you have private health cover, you will also be entitled to a (smaller) rebate, but not in addition to the Medicare refund.  Unfortunately bulk billed sessions are no longer provided.


Please Note: Unfortunately Alanda is unable to provide services to those with WorkCover claims or ongoing legal cases.  Services for DVA clients are however provided.