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Check in with us to optimise your

  • Mental + physical health
  • Career trajectory + balance
  • Relationships
  • Workplace productivity + harmony
  • General sense of energy + aliveness

If you are struggling with trauma, grief, illness, fatigue, anxiety, nightmarish people or major life changes, know that we deal with these every day. Effectively. Deeply. Sometimes even having a damn good belly laugh at the same time.

We love helping people shift from dark places to somewhere worthwhile and we use a unique approach for each client.

Dr Alanda Thompson is a dedicated professional who recognises that you present with skills and resources of your own. Together we mobilise and add to these to work towards your goals. An outside eye with rigorous experience often gives you a whole new perspective on your life.

We are extremely aware that you and your circumstances are unique. We don’t do cookie-cutter therapy. We design evidence-based bespoke therapeutic approaches for each of our clients.

Touch base with us to see whether we will be a good therapeutic fit. It’ll be a pleasure to chat with you.

About Dr Alanda Thompson

I love being a clinical psychologist. And after almost 3 decades in this profession I just seem to feel more and more engaged in my work. I guess it’s because psychology is a never-ending cycle of learning through both experience and formal education, and the more I learn the more I can apply …with you. I feel privileged and excited to work with my clients to unravel tough situations and get them set up on sunnier paths to better lives.

Over the years I have enjoyed the journey from Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy through Mindfulness, ACT, Buddhist and Existential Therapy to short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy. More recently, the Somatic Psychotherapy modality seems to hold so much promise for complex trauma, that I can’t help adding this to repertoire of evidence-based therapy that I use.

I live in the beautiful natural environment of Noosa and have benefitted from this immensely during my 22 years here. When I first heard the term ‘Eco-psychology’ it was only natural that it would grab my attention. At last, a label for something we all intuitively know: getting into nature helps to heal us. Expect to be encouraged in this direction when we meet.

I believe that every therapist or healer should be prepared to practice what they preach, so I get therapy / supervision with Master Therapists. I love what I can pass on to my clients from this process.

My work over the years has included:

  • Masters lecturer at UQ and USC
  • Working in hospitals with people with chronic pain, HIV, cardiac issues, cancer and autoimmune disorders
  • Running many international retreats and Australian workshops for other health professionals
  • Corporate training for leaders and staff in the workplace
  • Thriving in a successful private practice for 17 years
  • Presenting at conferences and publications in academic journals
  • Regular psychology presenter on Noosa Community Radio
  • Trialling my rehabilitation and pain management skills directly after a serious car accident in 2008. I wrote about my recovery experiences in Mandala Magazine, the international Buddhist journal.


Alanda runs many workshops each year for a variety of professional, corporate and lay audiences covering her areas of expertise. She is a sought-after speaker who is frequently invited back for further presentations to the same audiences. Alanda has a unique way of engaging people in the material she is presenting. People stay awake, contribute and learn!

Alanda has presented at conferences both internationally and within Australia, and has multiple publications in academic journals.

She has been a regular presenter on psychological issues on Noosa Community Radio, and has spent many hours enthusiastically training other psychologists and assorted health professionals.