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There is No God in Buddhism


There is no ‘God’ in Buddhism to father and take care of the people. People have to rely on other people for that. And therein lies the difference in approach to road etiquette between those of a Christian faith and

There is No God in Buddhism2018-05-27T08:28:50+10:00

The Self-Acceptance Project


What if you really are perfectly fine just as you are?  Hang on…what? Could it be that you are completely acceptable without losing the last 5 kilos; or improving your downward dog; or getting a promotion; or becoming more mindful; or

The Self-Acceptance Project2018-02-07T13:37:13+10:00

What if you awoke tomorrow with only the things you are grateful for today?


  I have shouted the benefits of gratitude from the rooftops previously, and when I saw a version of this line about gratitude embedded in a recent post by Marc and Angel Hack Life (, it really struck me afresh. Problems

What if you awoke tomorrow with only the things you are grateful for today?2018-02-07T13:57:16+10:00

What Kind of Tool Are You?


The doctor said to me one day in therapy that he was angry with himself for being so reticent, so shy at parties.  He watched other single men holding court, while he was relegated to the background, never sharing the

What Kind of Tool Are You?2018-02-07T13:55:42+10:00

Tell Someone Who Cares


I heard this statement recently, beautiful in its simplicity: When healthy people have something to say, they say it to you.  When an unhealthy person has a problem with you, they tell someone else! Confession time!  Ever been an ‘unhealthy

Tell Someone Who Cares2018-02-07T14:05:48+10:00

The Fast Freeway to Happiness: Gratitude


Such a beautifully simple method for happiness!  Such compelling robust research evidence to show that it actually works.  Resisting would indeed be bloody-minded.  And yet…trouble is, everywhere you look there are gratitude pushers.  Engraving the word on rocks, putting it

The Fast Freeway to Happiness: Gratitude2018-02-07T14:02:21+10:00
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