I have shouted the benefits of gratitude from the rooftops previously, and when I saw a version of this line about gratitude embedded in a recent post by Marc and Angel Hack Life (www.marcandangel.com), it really struck me afresh.

Problems can reverberate and echo through our lives like music carrying on long after the orchestra has packed away its instruments.  What if we intentionally struck new notes by turning our attention to what really matters?

Positive psychology teaches us that exerting gratitude is one of only a handful of ways we know of to raise our happiness quotient.  According to the research, it works better than winning the lotto, so some would say it’s definitely worth a shot.

Problems pesky ways of grabbing attention, much like a schoolyard bully.   So once we have a strategy for our difficulties, it can be helpful to turn our attention again and again to our life luxuries, no matter how hard the negative people and events try to hoover up our day, our energy, our lives.

What are the top five things you want to wake up with tomorrow?