Grieving Bali style: Beat the drum and beat it loud!


I went back to Nusa Lembongan, a very small and desirable Indonesian island, where we run our retreats. I expected coconut trees, fighting cocks, turquoise waters, the odd cocktail, and yes, a bit of local culture. I did not expect to

Grieving Bali style: Beat the drum and beat it loud!2018-02-07T14:07:36+10:00

Busyness: The socially acceptable addiction


Addictions are primarily used to block out uncomfortable experiences that happen on our insides-like emotions. Drugs, alcohol, the pokies, even sex addictions fulfill this task remarkably well. The highs, the concerted energy spent chasing more, the recovery from the rush

Busyness: The socially acceptable addiction2018-02-12T11:10:00+10:00

The Busyness Contest


IT’S A CONTEST THAT I WANT TO LOSE… The busyness contest. Have you noticed it lately? I believe that it’s the plague of our time. The opening gambit of our conversations now seems to be listing to each other how

The Busyness Contest2018-02-12T11:10:17+10:00
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