What Kind of Tool Are You?


The doctor said to me one day in therapy that he was angry with himself for being so reticent, so shy at parties.  He watched other single men holding court, while he was relegated to the background, never sharing the

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Tell Someone Who Cares


I heard this statement recently, beautiful in its simplicity: When healthy people have something to say, they say it to you.  When an unhealthy person has a problem with you, they tell someone else! Confession time!  Ever been an ‘unhealthy

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Grieving Bali style: Beat the drum and beat it loud!


I went back to Nusa Lembongan, a very small and desirable Indonesian island, where we run our retreats. I expected coconut trees, fighting cocks, turquoise waters, the odd cocktail, and yes, a bit of local culture. I did not expect to

Grieving Bali style: Beat the drum and beat it loud!2018-02-07T14:07:36+10:00

Creatures of Connection


A new injury kept me put of the ocean and away from my private practice clients not to mention causing a cessation of yoga, walks in the national park, and the occasional dance.  My mood was unaccountably flat.  I put

Creatures of Connection2018-02-07T14:06:31+10:00
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