Working away on TED X Noosa

Working away on TED X Noosa…at Noosa

I was so excited that I was jumping on the spot like a champion pogo-er when I heard that TED X was coming to town! Words can’t describe how eager I felt to attend. When a proposal for myself and Dr Samantha Clarke to speak at the event was accepted a moment of euphoria was quickly replaced by crippling nerves accompanied by a rather queasy feeling in the tummy. Well, no getting out of it now, it’s on in a week’s time, gulp. Friday 12 April at The J in Noosa to be precise.

What’s TED you ask? I am amazed by the amount of people who do. If you haven’t heard of TED talks, I highly recommend checking them out. The initials stands for Technology Education and Design but that doesn’t really describe the rich reality of the talks. They are 5 to 20 minute video presentations on extremely diverse topics. Usually the ideas are intruiging and the presentation styles are not boring. Hence the acting classes us presenters have been offered! No pressure or anything for us. Queasy, queasy!

If you haven’t watched one, have a look at the TED website . My favourites include Amanda Palmer talking about the art of asking for what you need, and Amy Cuddy discussing how your body language can change your life and livelihood. Which are yours?