What if you awoke tomorrow with only the things you are grateful for today?


  I have shouted the benefits of gratitude from the rooftops previously, and when I saw a version of this line about gratitude embedded in a recent post by Marc and Angel Hack Life (www.marcandangel.com), it really struck me afresh. Problems

What if you awoke tomorrow with only the things you are grateful for today?2018-02-07T13:57:16+10:00

What Kind of Tool Are You?


The doctor said to me one day in therapy that he was angry with himself for being so reticent, so shy at parties.  He watched other single men holding court, while he was relegated to the background, never sharing the

What Kind of Tool Are You?2018-02-07T13:55:42+10:00

Random acts of … Lubricant for this old heart?


I love it when I can have an anti-whinge.  There are so many things in life that make us want to ‘roll the rock in front of the cave’ and never come out…tax bills, road ragers, bullies, and bad TV. 

Random acts of … Lubricant for this old heart?2018-02-12T11:06:53+10:00

TED X Comes to Noosa


Working away on TED X Noosa...at Noosa I was so excited that I was jumping on the spot like a champion pogo-er when I heard that TED X was coming to town! Words can't describe how eager I

TED X Comes to Noosa2018-02-12T11:07:40+10:00

Do people ‘like’ me enough?


  Getting ‘liked’ on Facebook is addictive.  Unlike ‘real’ life you get an actual tally of the number of people who approve of you in that moment.  This was all new to me until a former colleague and I started

Do people ‘like’ me enough?2019-01-06T11:34:00+10:00

Lone Surfer at Titree Bay


Mindful moments at Titree Bay, Noosa I was thinking today about the simple aspects of happiness and this came to mind.  So many aspects of mindfulness, so many of the reasons I love living where I do.  Hope

Lone Surfer at Titree Bay2018-02-12T11:08:03+10:00
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